The UK is the second biggest contributor to NATO. This year we paid £60 BILLION towards it. We believe Britain would be safer and wealthier outside of NATO, and we believe that Britain agrees with us.

The danger of a new war of aggression waged by imperialism has never been greater. If the ruling class is unchallenged, it could lead to utter catastrophe.

NO2NATO NO2War the organisation is launched

George Galloway, a tireless anti-imperialist and working-class fighter chaired three meetings on the 25th February 2023 at the Bolivar Hall in central London.  The meeting was addressed by some of the finest speakers from Britain and the United States. Together with the Socialist Labour Party, the Workers Party GB has collaborated closely with the US People’s Party and Libertarian Party in planning February’s anti-Nato events in Washington and London. We were pleased to welcome Nick Brana to our conference and he was joined by Dan Kovalik to give two powerful anti-imperialist voices from the USA.

In addition to George Galloway and Chris Williamson, our platform included musician Lowkey, former diplomats Craig Murray and Peter Ford, Aslef vice president Andy Hudd, academic David Miller, journalist Richard Medhurst, campaigner Audrey White, and No Cold War Britain activist Fiona Edwards. The conference speakers were supplemented by additional video addresses from MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace and journalists Max Blumenthal and Anyja Parampil who were unable to make it on the day. All the footage and messages will be published in due course.

Despite attempts to stop our meeting going ahead, our party helped to ensure three separate meetings were held on Saturday 25th February, and we gave our support for a fourth meeting held in Glasgow.

Watch the whole day's program here 

If you would like to join us please leave us your details here and we will keep you informed of NO2NATO events and news.

The London meetings adopted the following resolution to found the new anti-imperialist unity organisation "No2Nato "

“This gathering in London on February 25 2023 resolves:

To establish in the UK and Ireland a No2Nato campaigning organisation to carry the fight against imperialist wars to the widest possible audience.

To appoint an interim leadership of George Galloway Chris Williamson and Andy Hudd to direct the organisation’s work until a wider leadership can be elected.

To encourage throughout the world all efforts of similar organisations and to Co-ordinate with them in global action.”

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